What is Cloud Security. How To Improve it?

What is Cloud Security. How To Improve it?
The number of users of cloud services is increasing as time is passing by. Now we do not use flash drives and email for sharing photos and we do not carry documents. Cloud has become a place where you can exchange information and meet people. In other words, we can say that it’s a place where data is being kept permanently. Now people trust the cloud so much that the bank documents, ID scans and confidential business paper works, all are being exchanged over the cloud. But the thing is that are these documents and confidential papers secure over the cloud?

Cloud security concerns

The cloud users might not have their data secured. Cloud security is the foremost concern in any case then.  There are many examples of people who had their confidential data over the cloud and some unauthorized user accessed that data. Does that mean you should not keep your confidential information or documents on the cloud? There are many ways through which you can secure your data on the cloud storage.  Here are some ways that can help:

Never store sensitive information over the cloud:

There are many examples of people who had their confidential data stored over the cloud and some unauthorized user accessed that data. It is important that you avoid keeping your confidential data or documents on the cloud. Choose some other safe place instead of storing sensitive information at the cloud.

Password protection:

You should be very much serious about protecting your data with passwords so that no unauthorized access is allowed to anyone for accessing your stuff. Your password should be secured and no-predictable.

Encrypt your data:

Before you put your data in cloud storage, you should encrypt it so that it is protected. The most easy and safe way to do this is zipping your files and encrypt it with a password.

Choose an encrypted Cloud Service Provider:

You should always think before you select a cloud service provider. It is suggested to choose the one that is providing the facility of encryption. This way your data would be protected and safe.

Using Simply Secure for cloud security:

Among the many cloud security solutions, Simply Secure has been launched to secure your cloud and provide peace of mind.  Simply Secure is a new organization that focuses on making open source security tools available to ensure cloud security with ease.  These tools though are readily available but the general public has not really thought of adopting them. The organization has planned of supporting the existing security solutions. They aim at making the software community and users understand these solutions to use them for the cloud security.

Simply Secure is providing open source tools to the public through which they can meet their security needs. The organization has focused on community based approach for cloud security. The solution offered is based on verification. Cloud based authentication is the major solution offered by Simply Secure to improve the security and prevent data breaches.

Cloud security certifications such as Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge, CompTIA Cloud Computing Essentials, and Cloud Security Alliance offer candidates possible cloud security solutions.

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