VMware VCPD610 Exam – Preparation Effectively!

VMware VCPD610 Exam Overview


The VCPD610 Exam comprises of 120 questions and a pre exam survey of this exam contains 10 questions. The minimum score that a candidate needs to pass the exam is 300 by using the scaled scoring method. 2 hours are allocated to the candidates for completion of the exam, whereas 15 extra minutes are given to the candidates for pre survey exam. 30 extra minutes are given to the candidates from a country where English is not their primary language.

VCPD610 VMware Intended Audience

The intended audience for the VMware VCPD610  exam are expected to be well equipped with the VSphere skills inclusive of the creation and administration of Virtual machines, configuration of the host storage and networking as well as working with the HA, DRS and other cluster related VSphere features. The candidates are expected to be familiar with the installation and configuration of View and maintenance of a Horizon environment.

VCPD610 VMware Exam Objectives

The objectives of VCPD610 VMware exam are stated below in detail for a better understanding of candidates that how their knowledge would be evaluated in the exam

Section 1 = Install Horizon View Server Components

The objectives of this section are five in number

  • Installation of Horizon View Security Server
  • Installation of Horizon View Composer
  • Differentiating the Horizon View Component Features and Functions
  • Installation of Horizon View Connection Server
  • Preparation of environment for Horizon Vie

Section 2 = Configuration of a Horizon View Environment

The section comprises of 6 objectives in total

  • Configuration of Horizon View composer
  • Configuration of Horizon view
  • Configuration of PCoIP/RDP Protocol Settings
  • Configuration and management of Horizon view security
  • Integration of VMware ThinApp into a Horizon View Deployment
  • Configuration of Horizon View Cloud Pod Architecture

Section 3 = Creation and Configuration of Horizon View Desktop Pools

This section comprises of total five objectives

  • Configuration of linked Clone automated pools
  • Configuration of full Clone automated pools
  • Building and customizing the Desktop images
  • Configuration of manual pools
  • Configuration of the RDSH Application pools

Section 4 = Troubleshooting a Horizon View Implementation

This section four covers the four objectives stated below

  • Desktop imaging issues troubleshooting
  • Account and permission issues troubleshooting
  • Horizon View Component connectivity issues troubleshooting
  • PCoIP Configuration Issues troubleshooting

Section 5 = Installation, Configuration and Management of VMware Mirage

This section five is designed to cover the three main objectives

  • Describing and differentiating VMware Mirage Components
  • Management of the base and application layers
  • Endpoint configuration and management

Section 6 = Installation, Configuration and Management of VMware Workspace portal

This section contains three objectives in total and those are stated below

  • Configuring the VMware workspace portal
  • Management of VMware workspace portal
  • Installation of VMware workspace portal

Section 7 = Installation, Configuration and Upgradation of ESXi and vCenter Server

This section comprises of total three objectives

  • Planning and performing the upgrades of Esxi and vCenter Server
  • Installation and configuration of Esxi and vCenter Server
  • Identification and explanation of vSphere solutions and architecture

Section 8 = Planning and Configuring vSphere Networking

This section comprises of two objectives stated below

  • vSphere Distributed Switches configuration
  • vSphere Standard switches configuration

Section 9 = Planning and Configuration of vSphere Storage

This section comprises of total three objectives

  • VMFS and NFS Datastores creation and configuration
  • Software Defined Storage Configuration
  • Shared Storage for vSphere configuration

Section 10 = Deployment and administration of Virtual Machines

This section comprises of total three objectives

  • Creation and Deployment of Virtual machines
  • Management of virtual machines templates and clones
  • Virtual machines administration

Section 11 = Establishment and maintenance of service levels

This section covers two main objectives

  • Creation and configuration of resource pools and vSphere clusters
  • Service Virtual machines and Esxi hosts

Section 12 = Monitoring a vSphere implementation

This section contains two main objectives

  • Monitoring virtual machines, vCenter server and ESXi
  • Creation and administration of vCenter server alarms

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