A complete Guidance of VCPN610 VMware Exam

VCPN610 VMware Exam Overview

The VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization (VCP-NV) Exam comprises of total 120 questions and there are 8 pre exam survey questions included in the exam. The minimum passing score for the exam is 300 through scaled scoring method. The allocated time for the exam is 2 hours and 15 minutes are allocated additionally for completion of pre exam survey questions. The VCPN610 exam acts as a core component of VCP-NV certification.

VCPN610 Intended Audience

The intended audience includes infrastructure, personnel for cloud administration, networking and data center also the virtualization specialists with a deep understanding of the relationship between the physical and virtual network infrastructure. The candidates are required to be capable of installation, configuration, management and troubleshooting of VMware NSX.

Objectives of VCPN610 VMware exam

The objectives covered in the exam are stated below in detail for making the candidate’s mind clear about the exam that how it would test their abilities and skills.

Section 1 = Define VMware NSX Technology and Architecture

The candidates are required to be familiar with the benefits of a VMware NSX Implementation and should be able to give the description of VMware NSX Architecture. They need to know the common VMware NSX terms as well as common uses of common use cases for VMware NSX. The candidates need to be capable of identifying the common physical network topologies and the components in a VMware NSX stack.

The candidates are expected to be capable of differentiating the security technologies and they should know core VSphere networking technologies. One of the objectives in this section is to test the knowledge on Physical and Virtual Network Technologies contrast and for this candidate need to equip themselves with the knowledge about Data and Endpoint Security as well as Service composer. The knowledge about the VMware NSX Integration with Third-Party Products and Services in order to explain them is necessary.

Section 2= Describe VMware NSX Physical Infrastructure Requirements

In this section the objectives are based on the knowledge about the benefits of Running VMware NSX on Physical Network Fabrics such as the purpose of a Spine node, leaf node, and identification of the physical network trends. The ability to give a description of the physical Infrastructure Requirements for a VMware NSX Implementation is expected to be present in the candidate who takes this exam.

Section 3 = Configuration and Management of vSphere Networking

The objectives in this section are to check the ability of a candidate about configuring and managing the vSphere Standard Switches as well as vSphere Distributed Switches. Configuration and management of vSS and vDS Policies.

Section 4 = Install and Upgrade VMware NSX

The objectives in this section are to check the ability required for configuration of Environment for Network Virtualization. The knowledge and ability needed for the deployment of VMware NSX Components as well as upgrading the existing vCNS/NSX Implementation and expansion of Transport Zone to Include New Cluster(s) is checked and validated by the exam.

Section 5 = Configure VMware NSX Virtual Networks

This section involves the objective about creation and administration of logical switches, configuration of VXLAN, Configuration and management of logical routers.

Section 6= Configure and Manage NSX Network Services

The ability of a candidate required for configuration and management of Logical Load Balancing, configuration and management of Logical Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Edge services high availability.

Section 7 = Configure and Administer Network Security

The objectives of this section include configuration and administration of Logical Firewall Services, configuration of distributed Firewall services, configuration and management of service composer.

Section 8 = Perform Operations Tasks in a VMware NSX Environment

The objectives include description of NSX automation, monitoring the VMware NSX Implementation, performing the compliance and auditing, administration of logging, back up and recover configurations.

Section 9 = Troubleshoot a VMware Network Virtualization Implementation

The objectives of this section target to test the knowledge of the candidates about identifying the tools available for troubleshooting, troubleshooting the common NSX issues and common connectivity issues.

VCPN610 VMware Exam Best Preparation

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